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Our Story

Joy School Baguio is the division of The Joy School Company of Ogden, Utah which operates commercial Joy Schools worldwide. The Joy School program and curriculum was developed in 1976 by best-selling authors and deliberate parenting advocates Linda and Richard Eyre.

In Baguio City, the birth of Joy School was inspired by a mother’s desire for her son to receive the best education from his first school. Fully hands-on in the nurture of her child, this mother found out that above all, children need to have joy in their hearts to make them strong and well-adjusted adults later in life.

Joy School is about finding joy while learning about our body, our earth, letters and numbers, the food we eat, our relationships with others and a whole lot more. In Baguio City, it will operate as a co-op, parent-involved school for preschoolers age 2.5 to 3.11. To learn more about Joy School, visit

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Our Mission

The mission of Joy School Baguio is to bring an internationally-acclaimed and developmentally appropriate curriculum to young children that nurtures their natural capacity for joy. We envision young children who become successful in their personal and academic pursuits later in life by first planting seeds of joy in their hearts. 

Joy School Baguio

Our Vision

Joy School Baguio envisions a preschool community where parents are involved in the progress of their child. The spirit of Joy School is that of co-operation. Thus, Joy School will operate in three phases:

Phase 1: Birthed during a pandemic, Joy School Baguio will operate digitally in its first year. Classes will be held via Zoom. 

Phase 2: As community quarantine hopefully eases, Joy School Baguio will operate as a co-op preschool in the succeeding years. Weekly lessons will continue to be delivered via Zoom, with a monthly in-person class to be hosted by parents in their homes in rotation. Attendance to Joy School is limited to 10 children per class, thus, one family will play host to the entire class once a year throughout the 10-month annual school calendar.  

This not only builds a spirit of co-op parenting which is in the very nature of Joy School; it will also help the school build up its funds for constructing a physical Joy School hopefully within five years by operating rent-free. 

We desire for parents of Joy Schoolers to pay for their children’s learning, and not for a high rental for the school’s facility. Thus, a Joy School co-op helps to bring the cost of Joy School much lower than other preschools while at the same time enabling the school to save enough to purchase its own property and construct a proper preschool facility in the future.

Phase 3: The five-year vision for Joy School Baguio is to operate from its own school building, delivering its course curriculum through a proper preschool facility where children are supported in their multi-faceted learning and discovery during their most impressionable years. This vision will be achieved while making the highest quality of preschool education accessible to parents, employing local talents, and building a supportive community. 

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