Butterfly Chasing, Mulberry Picking

Any time of the day can be a time of magic and exploration when you’re with a free-spirited child.

Monday morning and Arnold was on a client visit to Baguio Country Club. Ziggy and I tagged along as we were coming from dropping Ate off school. We’re always cool about this tag-along-while-Daddy-works because we can have fun doing anything while being “stuck” anywhere. This time around, the task was even easier.

Baguio Country Club has a small garden by the aviary where Ziggy loves to chase butterflies and admire the flowers. We’ve been there several times before. What I didn’t know was that the garden also had a beautiful red mulberry tree! And that there were ripe mulberries ready for the picking when we were there!

admiring flowers

Ziggy admiring flowers

I’ve always fancied berry picking or dancing around the mulberry bush as the old Mother Goose rhyme goes. So you can imagine the excitement I had at the sight of these!

Could it be?!

Could it be?!

It is, indeed!

It is, indeed!

The garden also had these beautiful berries in full bloom. Ziggy asked, can I eat them too? I said I don’t think so, but I sure would love to see them embellish the Christmas ham!

Red berries

Red berries

It gave me a wash of inner mirth just to see my little son chasing butterflies and with his sweet voice, say, “Mom, it flew!” To be free, to be one with nature, to have joy in being a child just as Heavenly Father would have him be, gave me profound happiness.

Even as Baguio’s cool December breeze brushed across my cheek, I felt warm in my heart seeing my son being joyful the way he was — exploring ants and spiders hiding in their colony beneath the grass and that lizard sneakily hiding through the gaps of the garden rocks.

"Look ma!"

“Look ma!”

And yes, sampling a mulberry for the first time!

For the past weeks, our discussions at Joy School Baguio had been about being kind to others and being a good friend. It’s always wonderful to have the privilege to nurture my children’s character toward the basics of humanity, which, humanity’s busyness seem to have glossed over and blurred in these modern times. Being kind to others is thinking about what others would feel when we say or do something. To be a good friend, we should be kind to others.

No matter how the world may change, this truth remains – my children will always have a friend in me. 🙂



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