Celebrating a new milestone

About ten years ago, I remember sending my first child Patricia to her preschool. I highly anticipated the first day of class; how it felt like to dress up my little girl in her school uniform, how cute she looked, and how excited we both were about getting her school things ready. I also remember the anxiety I felt about the idea of leaving her in the watch and care of other people, despite knowing for a fact that I chose a great preschool for her (the Integrated School for Young Children in Marikina) and that the school had awesome teachers.

Patricia’s first day of preschool, 2010.

Beyond these anxieties, I remember the excitement, the joy, of seeing my child reach a milestone in her life.

Arts and crafts with Patricia.

Teaching my next child, Makisig– and, now, as I prepare to teach Alina (and children who will join Joy School Baguio this year)– I learned an important lesson: Every day presents itself as an opportunity to support children in reaching their milestones in life. As parents, there is a deep sense of fulfilment within us when we witness our children reaching their many milestones.

Taking Makisig to Joy School Baguio’s first field trip, 2015.

If you are sending your child to preschool for the first time, then this is a milestone for both you and your child. And with each new song, each new lesson, and each new experience he or she will learn at Joy School, you will see many milestones unfold before your eyes.

Excited to teach Alina and other children this year!

This is why I am personally happy to teach Joy School. It is like having a front-row seat to your favorite musical performance and experiencing the magic happen before your eyes.

You might ask, am I qualified to teach young children? Perhaps some of you may know that my day job has nothing to do with preschool teaching. Full-time, I lead the work of a media organization in the country that is focused on environmental and social corporate responsibility as it aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

I finished journalism in university and am now pursuing my Master of ASEAN Studies, aligned with my full-time work. I am affiliated with an international hub that reports on climate change and sustainable development, providing mentorship to upcoming climate journalists.

So why Joy School Baguio? The answer is simple: Because I am a mother.

I have the most important work in the world that has no time-off, no vacation leaves, and no salary. I teach my children, prepare their meals, bathe them, put them to bed, and soothe all imaginable pains and aches they complain about: A stubbed toe, an itchy bug bite, a gassy tummy, a nightmare, a bruised ego. I break them up from quarrels, teach them to make amends, help them lighten up and laugh out their troubles. I teach them to communicate. I discipline them by setting firm limits, and consistently show them that I love them.

First and foremost, a mother!

By opening Joy School Baguio from my home to yours and inviting you and your child to experience the joy of Joy School, I am hoping to spread joy in deliberate parenting and to raise up a generation of joyful children who will be well-adjusted, successful adults in the future.

May I take this time to remind you that Joy School is a parent-involved preschool. You and your child will come to the lessons, although as the facilitator, my job is to take away the work of preparing the materials and the lesson for you, leaving you the easy and fun part of participating in Joy School classes with your child.

I read somewhere that in the family, the word LOVE is spelled as T-I-M-E.

May you give your time to celebrating your child’s many milestones at Joy School Baguio this year. You will find that you will be at the receiving end of enormous joy by doing so.

Have a joyful journey,


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