First Day Of Joy School

It had been trying, patience limit-pushing, sanity-sapping morning but overall, our first Joy School day was a success. 🙂

I was up at 5am listening to the songs and reading the lesson again. Preparing ahead of time is key to Joy School parent teaching and I wasn’t willing to fail at this one. I learned that one second when you’re not looking at the children would lead them to easily drift into other activities. I also learned that having a big laptop was a distraction, so I’d better use a smaller device like a tablet when accessing the lesson plan and clicking on the music and songs next time.

Ha! I can’t believe we did it! 🙂

My children would usually switch the TV on to Peppa Pig as soon as after breakfast and family prayer, but I was determined to do Joy School and let them have less screen time (albeit Peppa Pig is a good programme to watch). I realized that when you are determined to do something, the kids would feel the importance of what you’re doing and would eventually cooperate 🙂 I am very encouraged to continue. I saw how on Day 1 alone, my Ziggy picked up some of the Joy School rules, like we never hit or kick or push and we sit quietly at listen time. He wasn’t attentive the whole time but in the end he proved to me that he was understanding the ideas I taught and that I should only persist so he would learn.

One song particularly touched my heart. It’s the mellow time song where part of the lyrics goes “Teach me joy while I am young.” I love that.

Joy School believes that children, while in their most impressionable years, need joy in their hearts as they learn about their body, their physical environment, the weather, the days and months of the year, among others. A joyful heart is their strong foundation as they face more challenges into their big school years and even throughout their adult lives.

I am loving the Joy School journey. Indeed, oh boy, I’ve got joy!

Here are some pictures of the day’s activity. Their favorite part was Arts and Crafts where we learned that even crayons have rules!

ates artworktextured melted crayons by patricia20150901_101813_resizedziggys crayons have rules artwork



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