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If you are reading this, then you might be a parent or a guardian looking for the ideal preschool for your child. 

The word “ideal” was what led me to sign up for Joy School in 2015. Being a firm believer in early childhood education and having given my daughter a wonderful preschool experience (Go ISYC!), I had been searching then for the ideal preschool for my two-year-old boy.

While there are many preschools in Baguio City, none seemed to be the right fit for him, knowing how keen he was with his emotions. The right preschool for Makisig would be one which would firmly set his lifetime love for learning, and that would only be possible if he had joy while doing so.

Joy School was the perfect answer. I taught Makisig for a year to prepare him for big school and boy, it was the most fun we had together (as you can probably tell from the blog posts!)

As I prepared to teach my youngest daughter Alina this year, I firmed up plans to open and operate a commercial Joy School. I thought to myself, I am going to invest my time and brainpower in preparing for and delivering the lessons anyway, so why not scale it up and invite a few more parents to bring their children to my class? It just made practical sense to do it this way!

On top of that, I sincerely wish to spread the philosophy of Joy School to Baguio City, and to as many families as I could reach elsewhere. I believe teaching children joy is a way to lay a firm foundation for them to become well-adjusted adults later in life.

I hope to meet your child in this year’s Joy School program. Read more to discover the Joy School philosophy and learn about the founders, Linda and Richard Eyre.

Here’s to a year of joyful learning!

– Ping Manongdo

Founder, Joy School Baguio

What is Joy School?

Joy School is a highly-acclaimed and developmentally appropriate preschool curriculum for 2.5 to three-, four- and five-year-old children that is used by thousands of families all over the world. In Baguio City, Joy School Baguio will be opening its doors to children from 2.5 to 3.11 years old in compliance with the Department of Education’s approved early childhood education age.

The central belief of Joy School is simply that, children, while in their most impressionable years, need opportunities to enhance their natural capacity for joy which leads to firmer self-esteem and helps develop important social skills. This helps to build a strong foundation for future academic and personal success (Source: Joy School Start up Manual, All about Joy School).

Joy School is based on the book of its creators, New York Times #1 best-selling authors Linda and Richard Eyre’s Teaching Children Joy. Since launching the Joy School program over 40 years ago, around 200,000 families have signed up to Joy School and thousands of children have attended The Joy School in Logan, Utah.

As a program, Joy School is unique because it is parent-involved and is designed to be delivered by parents themselves who form Joy School co-ops. Where parents prefer to send their children to attend Joy School led by one parent facilitator, a commercial Joy School set up works like a regular paid preschool, except that fees are tremendously much lower than other preschools. More on this in the Admissions page. Please note that it is illegal and dishonest to use a Joy School material without a license. If you decide to sign up for Joy School and teach your child yourself, please purchase the Joy School 2.0 license here.

To learn more about Joy School, you are highly encouraged to read Teaching Children Joy, which is one of the many free Eyre books, or visit

What will my child learn in Joy School this year?

Joy School runs a 10-month program centered on the 10 joys of childhood and approaches each month with a focus on each “joy.” It starts with the most tangible Joys at the beginning of the school year and progresses to the more complex experience of joy as children gain more maturity. Lesson plans, suggested books, and original music all help make the learning journey joyful. 

These are the 10 themes your child will learn at Joy School:

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