Meet the team behind Joy School Baguio

Behind Joy School Baguio are dedicated, hands-on parents and professionals who are leaders in their own fields. 

Ping Manongdo


Ping is the matriarch of the Manongdo household. She counts being able to breastfeed all her three children until they were past two years old and being their first teacher as among her biggest accomplishments as a mother. She did this while having a full-time job leading a sustainability-focused media organization in the country. She is currently pursuing Master of Asean Studies with the University of the Philippines.

Arnold Manongdo

Services Support Manager

Arnold is the person behind everyone’s success in the Manongdo household. Whenever something doesn’t work, he is the go-to Mr. Fix It. A certified facility manager and an entrepreneur, he helms 8 Mountain Movers, a building facilities supply company. He finished an electronics and communications engineering degree from Saint Louis University.

Donna Restor

Program Advisor

Donna is Ping’s lovely sister-in-law who shares her passion for books, meaningful living, and nurturing young minds. She teaches IB English/Psychology/History/EE/IGCSE English/Psychology/Business Studies/UK KS3/ English and Humanities full-time at the British School Manila. Donna will be providing program direction and advice for Joy School Baguio’s curated periodic activities to ensure the curriculum remains relevant to young children’s development needs both in local and international contexts.

Nicole Joy Paleng

Digital Marketing Consultant

Nicole Joy S. Paleng is Joy School Baguio's Digital Marketing Consultant. She is a registered medical technologist by profession. She graduated from St. Louis University. During her off duty-hours serving communities in Bauko, Mountain Province, she writes about nature and the beauty and intricacy of human relations. She is a talented writer and digital creative. She has a positive attitude towards work and loves nature, her family, and the written word.

John Ryan Roxas

Creative Director

John and Ping have known each other for close to a decade now. John is a creative designer extraordinaire and takes care of maintaining Joy School Baguio’s digital assets. John owns and operates GeekLab and also works as a creative consultant for Canada-based partners.